Qualities of a good woman to marry

12 Characteristics/Qualities Of A Good Woman To Marry

12 Characteristics/Qualities Of A Good Woman To Marry

I’m guessing if you clicked on this article you’re curious about “what makes the perfect wife”. Well… I got news for you. There is no such thing. SURPRISE! Women are people too. They make mistakes, like the rest of us. But, even so, women are amazing, unique beings more than worthy of great husbands (that’s a different article though).

With roughly 50% of marriages ending in divorce, taking the time to find someone that’s true “marriage material” makes total sense. Even if it can be excruciating at times. So in an effort to help you fast track the process, here are 12 amazing qualities to look out for in a woman, that may just make her the right one.

1. Has her own money and career

Qualities of a good woman to marry


Look, the 1950s ended a while ago. There is no more “Mr. Provider”. Women aren’t looking for someone to swoop in and solve all their problems (I mean, they never really were but a certain gender likes a good ego stroke).

But, hey, this is a good thing! Equal partnership means more money in the kitty! Two incomes are better than one. Find a partner, not someone you need to take care of. Be proud that your woman is rolling in doe and working hard to get it!

2. Open to communicating – about EVERYTHING

And yes, I do mean everything. Anytime that annoying friend or relative said, “communication is key”, they were right. You want a woman who isn’t afraid to share (once she trusts you, of course). You want a woman that tells about every stupid, little thing.

Like, how her poop was different today than it was yesterday. And, what’s this, you noticed the same thing about yours but were too embarrassed to share this with her?

Thank god she shared! Now it leads to a discussion on your eating habits as a couple. And now you’re eating better and feeling healthier all because your loving wife was open enough to talk about her bowel movements. Lovely.

3. Understands her love language, and yours

The 5 love languages


If you don’t know, there are five love languages. And everyone falls into a different category. Basically, different people have different needs and wants in a relationship. It’s your job to meet her needs, as it is her job to meet yours.

Let’s say it again: communication is key. You want someone that can articulate what they want from the relationship in order to feel safe. Some who can actively give you what you want, as well.

4. Self-assured – she doesn’t really need you

Let’s clarify: your woman does not need you, she is actively choosing you. Just as you actively choose her.

Now for a metaphor. Women are cupcakes and men are cherries. Cupcakes are delicious on their own. They don’t need fancy toppings, like a cherry, in order to taste good. The cherry simply adds a certain je ne sais quoi.

5. Calls you on your BS

Qualities of a good woman to marry


As much as you might not want to hear it, wifey material comes in the form of criticism and call-outs (coming from a place of love, of course).

You want a woman that will check you, if you need to be checked. One who’s invested in you bettering yourself, even if that means saying some things you might not like to hear.

There’s a plus: you get to call her on her BS too. Fair is fair, after all.

6. Defends you – even if you were the one to mess up

Here it is. The quality you’ve been waiting for. The one where I tell you, you want someone that’s willing to defend you to the death, even if (especially if) you caused the situation. Ride or die, baby!

As mentioned above, if your woman is willing to chew you out more than likely she is willing to do the same to others in your defense.

If it does happen to be your fault, she’ll still chew you out. Just privately, where no one can see.

7. Loves herself as much as she loves you…maybe more

Don’t freak out. I’m not telling you to find some narcissist that doesn’t care about you. Just find someone that chooses to take pride in themselves.

It’s important for everyone to be their own person, right? A woman who takes pride in setting boundaries, doing things for herself, and puts her well-being first will be an asset to you, not a burden. And if she can love herself, she’ll know how to love you properly, too.

8. Gets along with your friends and you get along with hers

Qualities of a good woman to marry


Your life will be a million times easier if your friends love her as much as you do, and vice versa. This way you’ll be invited to dinner parties as a couple, and your pals won’t conveniently “forget” to give you a plus one.

You getting along with hers is also important. Why? Because the people she chooses to hang out with say a lot about her. If her friends are wild, loud, and have been banned from more bars than you’ve had hot dinners, it’s likely she’s just like them.

So if you can’t stand her buddies, it won’t be long before you can’t stand her either.

9. Cuddling

You read that right, cuddling! Human contact is extremely important! It’s how we bond as humans. Physical touch is proven to help deepen a connection. Plus, snuggling often leads to other things…

10. Treats others with respect

Qualities of a good woman to marry


A woman who’s kind to the people around her, friends and strangers alike (consistently, not someone who’s only nice in front of you), is a keeper. It shows that she has a good heart.

She’ll attract good karma, her enemies will be few, and you won’t have to keep looking over your shoulder, fearing the day that someone she’s wronged turns up at your house to act out their revenge. (Hey, it happens!)

11. She’s good with money

We all know who’ll handles the finances in the house, and it won’t be you! You’ll make it, she’ll spend it, and that’s just the way it’s going to be.

That’s why you need a woman who’s sensible with money; someone who won’t go on an impromptu shopping spree and spend next month’s rent.

12. Loves you for you

Qualities of a good woman to marry


At the end of the day, all we want is love. And for someone to unconditionally love us for who we are, unfiltered. Once you find the woman that is willing to love you, regardless of your weird man habits, she might just be the one.