10 Fun Indoor Activities For Couples This Valentine’s Day

10 Fun Indoor Activities For Couples This Valentine’s Day

Being stuck at home during Valentine’s Day can be a real bummer! However, there are plenty of things that you can do with your partner to make the day romantic and fun, if you’re not already sick of them.

Whether you’re strapped for cash or just cheap, these indoor activities are bound to brighten up your V-Day and make it memorable.


1. Cook a Meal Together

One of the most romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home is by cooking together. Choose something you both love to eat but normally do not indulge in. Bonus points for those who pick a recipe with a million intricate steps and hard-to-find ingredients that have to be imported from some exotic country no one’s ever heard of.

Not only can this activity be romantic, it can also be lots of fun. You’ve seen the movies, you know what can happen: sexy food fights, licking sauce off fingers, that sort of thing. Totally realistic stuff.

So give it a try. Oh, and don’t forget to put on some music and light a few candles.

Check out these Easy Romantic Recipes from Delish.


2. Turn it into a Spa Night

Who doesn’t love a spa? Okay, so the appeal comes mostly from being pampered by a random person you’re paying, but you and your partner can pamper each other. This way the pampering can lead to something more… Cuddling, that’s the something more. Get your head out of the gutter!

Those looking for a romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day at home should consider a spa night. Break out the rejuvenating face masks and massage oils (edible if you can find it), and make each other’s day. Back rubs and foot massages should be on the menu. Pour a few glasses of champagne to make it more special.

Add these to your shopping list this Valentine’s Day:


3. Play a Board Game

If you’re stuck at home for Valentine’s Day, what better way to brighten up the day than by playing a board game with your lover? And, if you’re feeling frisky, you might even want to try a naughty board game. They make those too, you know.

Some adult board games will have you laughing, and blushing, all day long. Just remember to hide them when Christmas comes around, so the curious and clueless in-laws don’t see them and insist on playing. That could be… awkward.


4. Binge Watch Romantic Comedies

Ahh, romantic comedies. The yardstick we use to measure just how badly our relationships suck! The women are always beautiful; the men are always sensitive and romantic. We all need something to aspire to, right?

If you’re a fan of romantic comedies, or even if you aren’t, you can have a blast binge-watching romcoms. Choose a few classics, or find some new ones that you’ve never seen before (which shouldn’t be hard. Hollywood pumps out a gazillion every year, quality be damned).

Fans of romcoms can get all warm and fuzzy; cynical couples can poke fun at how unrealistic they are, whilst secretly longing for their relationship to be just like the ones they see in the movies.

Order some delicious takeout, too, so you don’t have to worry about cooking.

Romantic comedy recommendations:


5. Take a Bubble Bath Together

Bathtubs are made to be shared, that’s my motto. If you’re not in the habit of doing so, make this Valentine’s Day exciting by taking a bubble bath with your partner. It’s relaxing, sexy, and you’ll have some surprisingly deep conversations; like, who should get their back washed first, or who will clean up the inevitable water spillage once the bath is over.

There are plenty of mouthwatering bubble bath flavors to choose from. Choose one that is both soothing and yummy. Light some candles around the tub, put on some music, and relax with champagne. Try not to fall asleep in the bath, though. That would be, uh, pretty bad.

Recommended bubble baths:


6. Stay in Bed All Day

The world outside the bed is cold and cruel. So, this Valentine’s Day, why not spend it in bed? I mean, like, all day, only getting up to use the bathroom or accept the takeout delivery.

This is a great time to “get to know each other better”, “explore”, try new “exercises”. Okay, I’m all out of euphemisms. You get the idea. Use this day to “be creative” (oh, I guess I still had one more).

You could read The Kama Sutra (bonus points if you attempt to read it in its original language). Or play Sexy Truth or Dare and always take the dare, so long as the dare is something naughty your partner likes.


7. Roast Marshmallows

If you have a fireplace in your home, why not sit in front of it and roast some marshmallows? Depending on where you are in the world, February 14th can be freezing, so this is a great excuse to curl up in front of the fireplace, blankets wrapped around your shoulders, and gooey marshmallows melting in your mouth.

This is a fun, sticky-sweet way to spend the evening. Reminisce about the day you and your partner met, tell silly jokes, give each other sticky kisses and giggle when your lips get stuck together. This is what marshmallows were made for, after all.

Marshmallow roasting prep:


8. Play Video Games

The best couples game! If both you and your partner are gamers, why not spend the night doing something you love? Maybe buy a brand new game that you can both explore for the first time together – something that’s not too competitive, that won’t make anyone throw down the controller and storm out of the room.

Playing games that require you to work together (preferably to destroy others) is a great way to bond. If one of you is better than the other, let the weaker player win sometimes (but don’t make it obvious). It will put them in a good for, erm, later activities…

Game recommendations for couples:


9. Attend a Virtual Concert

Do you miss going to concerts? If so, you can get your music fix in the comfort of your home by attending a live, virtual concert. There are many different online concerts to choose from, and you just might find one being broadcast on Valentine’s Day.

Gone are the days of being trampled on, having people spill their drinks on you, and being so far from the stage you can’t even make out who’s singing.

Watching a live concert at home on Valentine’s Day would be an unforgettable experience. Not only will it be more intimate than being there in person, when it’s finished, you don’t have the hassle of figuring out how you’ll get home.

Here are some places to find online concerts:

Song Kick

Stage It


10. Dance Together

Dancing the night away is the perfect way to spend time with your loved one. Even if one of you has two left feet, dancing is so intimate and has such a romantic effect on people that it won’t matter how badly you screw it up.

You could learn a new dance together. Tango and salsa have been known to spice things up. Dance instruction videos abound on YouTube; you’ll find plenty to get you started.

Be prepared to be exhausted and aching in all the wrong places the following day. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. That massage oil will come in handy right about now.

These are just a few fun and romantic activities for couples forced to spend Valentine’s Day at home. I hope this list has proven that you can still have an awesome day without leaving your home.