Will He Propose Quiz

Quiz: Will He Propose?

Quiz: Will He Propose?

“Is my boyfriend ever going to propose to me?”

This question plagues many women’s minds, and will become more pressing the longer you stay in a relationship. As more time goes by without him popping that all-important, life-changing question, it can become harder and harder to not start jumping to conclusions.

You’ll constantly wonder what kind of hints or clues, if any, your boyfriend is giving off that indicate whether or not he plans on proposing in the near future.

You might even start to see hints where there aren’t any (like the time he said you looked good in white, and you mistakenly thought he was hinting at wanting to see you in a wedding dress!).

You don’t want to pressure him into proposing if he’s really not ready, yet you also don’t want to prolong the relationship if that’s out of the question for him.

So what do you do? Well, consider taking our “Will He Propose” quiz, which might give you the answers you seek.

There are 15 simple questions that you should try to answer as honestly as possible in order to get an accurate result.


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How old is he?

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Was marriage something you both discussed early on in your relationship?

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Is he financially stable?

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How long have you been together?

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Do you already live together?

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Are you included in, and invited to, his family events?

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Does he constantly want his own space?

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Do you already perform wifely duties?

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Has he displayed any commitment issues?

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Does he talk negatively about marriage?

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Has he discussed having kids before marriage?

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Has he previously been engaged or married?

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Has he seen many good examples of other people's marriages?

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Does he try to change the subject when you bring up marriage?

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Were/are his parents married?