11 Benefits Of Dating An Older Woman

11 Benefits Of Dating An Older Woman

Many people are put off by the idea of dating someone older than them. Not you, though, you’ve always liked to live dangerously. You’re actually giving it serious consideration. And no, it’s not because you have mommy (or granny) issues.

Maybe you’re a guy who’s already found his prospective cougar, and you’re now weighing up the pros and cons of dating her. The wrinkles and liver spots haven’t scared you off. Nor has the fact that she reached pension age while you were still in diapers. It’s what’s inside that counts…

In any case, as an afternoon binge-watching The Golden Girls will show you, there are many benefits that come with dating older women, and we’re going to share 11 of them.

1) Older women are more experienced

They’ve been there, done that, and did so in the 1950s!

Life and relationships are nothing new to them; they’ve seen it all before, and have the mileage to show for it. This means that they bring their years of experience with them into every relationship.

Now, while this can actually be detrimental to new relationships (what is known in some circles as “bringing baggage”), it can also be helpful, as she’ll know all the pitfalls to avoid with you, hopefully making for a smoother relationship.

There’s also experience in… ahem… other departments, and this shouldn’t be overlooked. Her body might not be as agile as it once was, but there is such a thing as muscle memory. Just saying.

2) They can take care of themselves

Older women are usually more established in their careers and have their stuff together. As such, they can look after themselves.

There’s a certain level of independence you can expect from a woman who is, for example, in her 50’s and doesn’t depend on someone else to put food on her table.

This can mean that you have to worry less about looking after her and supporting her lifestyle, something a lot of people find appealing when it comes to dating. So when Katherine tells you she’s run up a hefty phone bill talking to some scammer in Australia who says she’s won the lottery, you can be safe in the knowledge that she’s got it covered.

3) They aren’t as needy

An older woman’s self-esteem is often more stable than that of younger women. This means you’re less likely to feel the need to constantly reassure her, which can be exhausting. She also won’t cling onto you as much, or incessantly demand your attention the way the whippersnappers you’re used to dating would.

While some may feel insecure about the age difference, many won’t. They’ve been through all the heartache and rejection before, and they know they’ll survive it. If they don’t get to see you as often as they’d like, they won’t take it personally and start showing up at your workplace and stalking your younger female colleagues.

Older women also have their own lives to live, perhaps as mothers or grandmothers (great-grandmothers? No, that’s extreme) and thus don’t have time to be “all up in your business”.

4) They’re more loving and caring

Most women have that soft, motherly instinct, which seems to strengthen as they age. They’ve had plenty of time to learn how to care for others, which they do in abundance.

If you’re the lucky guy on the receiving end, you might find this kind of affection intoxicating, especially if you’ve been dating younger women who, in comparison, come off cold and heartless.

Older women are usually better at expressing their love for you. They’re more skilled in terms of how they deal with their emotions, and this means that they won’t be shy with their affection.

5) Older gals give good gifts

Whether it’s because she’s had a long career or she’s had a long life and reached pension age, an older woman usually has more disposable income. This means there’s more to share with you… as long as you treat her right, that is.

Now, don’t go into this expecting a new sports car, because she’s nobody’s fool, and she’ll see right through you. Whatever she bestows upon you should never be coerced out of her, though there are many things a skilled man can do to stimulate her generosity, if you know what I mean.

6) They have their own place

Handy if you yourself don’t. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to get some because your parents are home, or your weird roommates are taking part in Dungeons and Dragons cosplay in your living room again.

Older women who live organized lives tend to keep their homes clean, so if you’re someone who lives in squalor and wants to escape it from time to time, her place could be your retreat. She’ll probably have a bunch of healthy snacks from Wholefoods, and some alcohol – the good vodka that doesn’t taste like paint thinner.

Just be sure not to overstay your welcome, because she won’t like that.

7) Having kids isn’t on their minds

This, of course, all depends on how old you go, and if your mature conquest is already a mother. Many older women will have passed that stage in their lives where they want children – either because they’ve already had them, or because they don’t want the hassle at their age.

Oh yeah, and then there’s menopause, nature’s party pooper.

For a guy who isn’t interested in kids, at least for the moment, an older woman might be a great choice for him. As long as you’re both clear and take precautions to avoid any accidents, the arrangement should work well for both of you.

8) You can learn a lot from them

Unless you were a child prodigy who performed at Carnegie Hall seven times before the age of twelve, you probably haven’t seen and experienced as many things as your aged love interest.

An older woman has usually lived a fuller life (unless she’s a hermit who hasn’t left her house in 20 years), so she’ll have lots to teach you, and plenty of wisdom to impart. She can, for example, tell you all about life during World War II, seeing as she lived through it! I jest, I jest.

Older women in general have more perspective on the world and how things work, compared to their younger counterparts who might still be figuring things out. She can give you life hacks that you’ve never dreamed of.

9) They’ll make you more mature

Any woman worth her salt isn’t going to stick with an immature guy, no matter how satisfying he is in… certain departments. It’s not a good look to have a man who acts like a teenager on her arm, or in her circles.

Her maturity is bound to rub off on you, and it’ll make you a better man going forward, even if you and she aren’t meant to be. She won’t change you completely, don’t worry, she’ll just improve you.

So, for instance, you might still superglue male appendages to your roommate’s forehead while he’s sleeping, but you’ll help him remove them later, because that’s the mature thing to do.

10) They’ll get along with your parents

It might take them a little getting used to, depending on the age difference, but your parents will likely warm to an older woman quicker than a younger, less mature one, simply because she’s closer to their age and maturity level. It won’t be as difficult for them to see her as their peer.

Your new/old flame will, more often than not, have more in common with them. They can all reminisce about the good old days of black and white TVs and rotary phones, and trade tips on the best brand of denture adhesives!

Be warned: This could come back to bite you in the butt. Your parents might like her so much that if you guys ever split up, they’ll want to remain friends with her.

11) Some women get more attractive with age

Believe it or not, a woman might not reach peak attractiveness until she’s in her forties. By then she’s developed a certain level of grace that only truly comes with age, and is a major turn on for some guys.

Growing into one’s looks does happen, quite often, in fact. It’s an inexplicable phenomenon. There might be some science behind this, but the study was probably done by some nerdy, bespectacled dude who’s never seen a real woman of any age in his life.


There are many benefits to dating an older woman, and you might find that your personality is better suited to someone like this. Whether you’re looking for someone with more life experience, a partner who knows what she wants, or just somebody who is generally wiser, there’s no doubt that you’ll find what you need in an older woman.

These are, however, just the pros. As with everything, you should consider the cons also, though at the end of the day, as long as you’re both adults and share a mutual attraction, the age difference shouldn’t matter.