Is He Over His Ex Quiz

QUIZ: Is He Over His Ex?

Is He Over His Ex?

One of the hardest things a woman in a promising relationship might find herself wondering is if her partner has fully moved on from his ex.

Signs he is not over his ex

There’s always the possibility that some latent feelings still remain, especially if they were together for a long time, or if there are other things (children, friends in common) connecting them permanently.

For someone stepping into this situation, it can be challenging. Even if he insists he’s moved on, the doubt will always be there. If they’re still in contact, for example, how can you ever truly be sure that their exchanges are innocent?

For your own sanity, you need to determine if he is or isn’t over the ex-girlfriend/wife. That’s where this quiz comes in. It’s designed to help you figure out what’s in his heart, so you won’t drive yourself crazy wondering, “does he still love his ex?”

Now, bear in mind, we don’t have all the answers. You still might need to sit down and have a chat with your boyfriend about his feelings. But you will, hopefully, get a better understanding of where his head’s at.

So take this 15-question quiz and put your mind at ease (well, maybe).


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Did they separate on good terms?

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Does he still have pictures of the two of them together?

3 / 15

Is he still friends with her family members?

4 / 15

Who ended the relationship?

5 / 15

If his ex has moved on, does he show any animosity towards her new partner (insults etc.)?

6 / 15

Does he seem like he's as invested in your relationship as you are?

7 / 15

Is his ex in a committed relationship?

8 / 15

Were they engaged, married or do they have children together?

9 / 15

How long after they separated did you guys get together?

10 / 15

How long were they together?

11 / 15

Have they remained friends?

12 / 15

Has he said negative things about her to you?

13 / 15

Does he follow her on social media?

14 / 15

Does he constantly bring her up, even when she's not relevant?

15 / 15

Does he often compare you to her (to make her seem perfect)?