What Do Guys Think Of Funny Girls?

What Do Guys Think Of Funny Girls?

Since time immemorial, men who sit comfortably between 1 and 4 on the beauty scale have used humor as a means to get the girl. The funnier a man is, the less likely she is to pay attention to his aesthetic shortcomings. When he’s making her laugh, a little thing like his receding hairline isn’t so important.

That’s for men. But how does it work for women, who are first and foremost judged on their looks?

If you’re a woman who was fortunate enough to be born with the funny gene, and you’ve been known to make men fall all over you… laughing, not because they’re in love with you or anything like that, then you might be wondering where you fit in in the dating world.

If you’re an average-looking woman who opens her mouth and one-liners fly out, do you have the same advantages as your male counterparts? Let’s find out.

Most Men Like Funny Women

Judging from the many online responses to this question, it seems that most of the male population find a woman with a sense of humor attractive. It’s almost never a negative trait, and only enhances you. Many men even go as far as saying that it’s one of the most important traits, after the initial, visual attraction.

The reason being: men understand that looks fade over time. What’s beautiful today will have wrinkles, bags, and stretchmarks tomorrow. When the inevitable happens, most people want someone who can entertain them, someone with whom they can laugh and joke. An old Cindy Crawford won’t be nearly as much fun as an old Melissa McCarthy. Just saying.

Depends What Kind of “Funny”

What do guys think of funny girls?

We all know there are different types of funny, and not every type will be flattering on a woman.

If you’re the kind of gal who pulls pranks, makes fart sounds with her armpits, and acts like she just graduated from middle school, it’s unlikely that you’ll attract any man worth a damn. You’ll get one, all right, but he, too, will make fart sounds and prank you. Say hello to waking up in the morning with a dildo glued to your forehead.

While crass women are attractive to a… special type of man, the more sophisticated comediennes would be the witty kind, the ones that understand sarcasm, irony, and all of those other literary terms you learned in English class but have completely forgotten now. This usually requires intelligence, which is, in and of itself, attractive.

One other thing to note is that some topics, particularly the differences between men and women, are played out, and get real old, real quick. Men are particularly sensitive about this topic, as it can start to feel preachy and accusatory.

Have an Off Switch

Of course, it’s all very well making him laugh, but you need to know when it’s time to be serious. If his pet rabbit just got crushed by an 18-wheeler, and you make jokes about having rabbit for dinner, it won’t go down too well.

That’s why being able to read a room is crucial. You need to know your audience.

A man with a risque sense of humor will be forgiven much faster than a woman, if he makes the wrong joke at the wrong time. Just one of the quirks of misogyny. So if he brings you along to his one-eyed sailor uncle’s house for dinner, it’s probably best to hold off on the pirate jokes, however tempting they might be. You’ll forever be known as “X’s rude girlfriend who makes fun of disabled people”.

You should also be aware when it’s time to cut the funny and turn on the sexy. Women seem to have a problem knowing when to switch between the two, which could be why so many budding comediennes have poor results with men. When he’s in the mood for love, the last thing he wants is you telling jokes. He’s looking for a different kind of release…

Men Want to Be The Center of Attention

For the few men who don’t like funny women, they usually fall into this category: they want to be the funny person in the room. There’s an old saying that women like men who make them laugh, while men like women who laugh at their jokes.

To a certain extent, this applies to most men. At their core, men are unapologetic attention-seekers – worse than women, sometimes. A guy doesn’t want you to upstage him. According to the ancient, unspoken and unwritten laws of comedy, he’s the only one who gets to be the jester. He’ll expect you to dial it back, laugh at his unfunny jokes, and try not to be funnier than him. He’ll feel inadequate, otherwise.

Just a piece of friendly advice: if a guy tries to get you to do this, please tell him where to stick it!

What Are Some Downsides to Being Funny?

Like a bad lisp, being funny isn’t something you can simply not do. You either are or you aren’t. You should be aware of the downsides, however, just so you’re not disappointed when you enter the dating scene. Here are some of them (list isn’t exhaustive, yada, yada, yada):

You Might Not Be Taken Seriously

If you laugh everything off, a guy might think you’re not serious about him or anything, so he’s less likely to commit. Or worse, he might not be as sensitive with your feelings.

If you make fun of yourself too much as a coping mechanism, he’ll start doing it, too, and you really don’t want that. He’ll see that you don’t respect yourself, so soon he won’t either.

It’s Easy to Be Friend-zoned

You make him laugh, sure, and he might want you around all the time, but not in that way. Funny girls are usually the first to get thrown into the friend zone, and it’s difficult to claw their way back out.

Yeah, you could hope for the type of miracle that happens in Hollywood movies, where the best friend finally realizes you were the one all along, and in true romcom form he rushes to the airport to stop you getting on a plane and leaving for good. Sadly, life rarely plays out this way; in reality, he’d go to the wrong airport.

Some Men Will Find You Intimidating

As previously mentioned, using certain types of humor can be a sign of one’s intelligence. One person’s inadvertent display of intelligence can make the people around them feel inferior.

You know how fragile some men’s egos are; if he constantly feels like the dumbest person in the room, eventually that will grate on him. If he senses wit right out the gate, there might never be a second date.

Final Words

Ladies, I think the take away here is that you won’t know how someone will react to your sense of humor until you meet them; so, as with most things in life, you should just be yourself. Don’t tone down or reduce yourself for anyone’s ego. The right man will appreciate your wit – he’ll even find you charming.